Boot Camp Body Shaker Bottle - Slimming Solutions
Boot Camp Body Shaker Bottle
Boot Camp Body Shaker Bottle
Boot Camp Body Shaker Bottle
Boot Camp Body Shaker Bottle

Shaker Bottle


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  • Stylish frosted design
  • Holds a whopping 700ml of liquid
  • Wire ball breaks up all the lumps
  • Volume markings for easy measurement
  • Ideal substitute for an electric blender
  • Totally sealable for ‘drip free’ blending
  • Easy to clean design

This transparent, leak proof shaker bottle is ideal for mixing up your protein drink, meal replacement or nutrition supplement easy and smoothly.

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Shaker Bottle

Say goodbye to lumpy protein shakes and hello to smooth, great-tasting drinks.

It includes a wire mixer ball so it’s easy to get all of the lumps and bumps out, leaving you with a delicious smooth shake. We’ve even added volume markings on the side so you don’t have to measure your water separately.

Simply add 200-300ml cold water to the bottle, then pour in the contents of your shake pack. Screw on the lid and shake vigorously for 60 seconds (free exercise!) and you’re done.

It’s perfect for when you’re on the go too. Add the water before you leave home, and just add the shake pack when you’re ready.



  1. Katie

    No more lumpy shakes – yay!

    No more lumpy shakes – yay!

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