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Natural Breast Enhancement

  • Naturally stimulates glandular tissue
  • Increases plumpness of your breasts
  • Permanent results
  • Buy from as little as £29.00 per bottle
  • No repeat charges or subscriptions
  • Next working day delivery available

The Up A Cup formula contains the most powerful breast growth botanicals available, prepared and designed by herbalists and nutritionists.  In a recent survey, over 84% of the women who have tried Up A Cup achieved positive results in as little as 30 days.

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The natural breast enlargement solution available here in the UK…..

How Does Up A Cup Work?
Our breast enlargement pills work by naturally stimulating glandular tissue growth in the breast receptor sites.  Although the formula contains no oestrogen or any other hormone, the phytoestrogens in the tablets can mimic the effects of oestrogen, so your body reacts in a way similar to when pregnant or experiencing puberty. Glandular tissue is built up within the breast receptor sites causing the breasts become fuller, firmer and then larger.

Effective Breast Enlargement Pills  – results in just 30 days

The Up A Cup breast enlargement pills formula contains the most powerful breast growth botanicals available, prepared and designed by master herbalists and nutritionists. In a recent survey, over 84% of the women who have tried Up A Cup achieved positive results in as little as 30 days. However, to see the full benefits of this product, we recommend a minimum of a 6 month supply.

Permanent Results

– Can increase breast size by up to 3 cup sizes

– Improve texture of skin around breast area

Natural Breast Enlargement Results – Increase plumpness of breasts

– No negative side effects

– Works in harmony with your body

– Noticeable results in just weeks

The results are permanent, however after the initial 6 month course, it is advisable that you continue to take a reduced dosage for one or 2 months of 2-3 capsules per week. (We call this the maintenance or ‘enforcement’ period.)

Do not use Up A Cup alongside the Mini contraceptive pill.

Up A Cup Breast EnhancersProgramme 1: Firm & Lift

One month supply (90 capsules).

Only £39.99.

Most users will gain firmer and lifted breasts in one month.

For optimum results we recommend a 6 month course.

Programme 2: One Cup Size

3 months supply (270 capsules).

At the end of 2 to 3 months use, you should see a 1/2 a cup to a full cup increase in breast size.

RRP £134.97 our price £99.99 (you save £34.98).

Programme 3: 6 months supply

6 months supply (540 capsules).

At the end of 6 months use, you should see over a full cup increase in breast size.

RRP £239.94 our price £174.00 (you save £65.94).


This product is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.


Directions for use: Take 3 capsules daily, one with each meal with water. For best results drink 2 litres of water daily.


Ingredients: Proprietary Blend 205 360mg, Fenugreek Extract, Saw Palmetto,Fennel Seed, Mexican Wild Yam, White Kwao Krua Extract, Black Cohosh Extract, Kelp Powder, Damiana, Dong Quai. Other Ingredients: Mother Wort 16mg, L-Tyrosine 15mg, Avena Sativa 14mg, Blessed Thistle 13mg and Humulus Lupulus 10mg.




Course Length 30 Days
Type Capsules
Quantity 90 Capsules
Recommended dosage 1 Capsules 3 times daily

Condition: New


  1. Donna Glenby

    Stay the Course

    I am pleased to report that after consistently taking this breast growth product I have gained a full cup size after 3 months. It was worth it to stick with it and drink the water!

  2. Arlene Bottomly

    Fill Up

    The Up a Cup breast enlargement pills have really helped me. I can notice my cup is filling up. I have been faithfully using these for 3 weeks now. No side effects at all. Shipping and packaging was discreet.

  3. Katie P.

    Husband Noticed First

    Was amazed to hear my husband comment on how my breasts are looking bigger. I have been taking the Slimming Solutions breast enhancement pills for over a month now. Pleased with the results and proud to recommend them to all women out there looking for a bigger bust line.

  4. Jane Clennent

    Perfect Rating

    I am giving the Up a Cup pills a perfect rating. Never in a million years did I think something like this would actually work. My breasts are clearly more firm and fuller. Outstanding product breakthrough in deed.

  5. Carla NS

    Took 6 months but so worth it

    Bought the 6 month supply and initially found it difficult to get into the routine of remembering to take them. Noticed nothing in the first month and then, gradually over the next few weeks my breasts became tender and slowly larger. (I massaged daily with bio oil too as I didn’t want stretch marks). By the end of August I have increased from a tiny A cup to a really full B cup and I am ecstatic.

  6. janu

    product review

    wow amazing product

  7. Becca

    Product Review

    Started as a small 34 B. Felt the difference after a few days, feeling fuller. After a few weeks I was already filling my B bra. Will update at the end of my two months. Brilliant result so far, thank you!

  8. Anon

    Product Review

    I have been using "Up A Cup" pills for a week now and I am already seeing a difference HOORAY!
    Thank you sooo much :0)

  9. Denise_M

    Product Review

    Pleased with results. My breasts were very tender for the first month but month 2 they were fine. I can definately see and feel and increase in firmness and size.

  10. Anna

    Product Review

    Delivery was brilliant as usual! Received these two days ago, and I agree with all of the reviews! You actually can feel your breasts tingling :p mine feel softer even, and already plumper than before! Will let you know how they look in a month or 2 😀
    Slimming solutions forever

  11. kay

    Product Review

    after one month i'm feeling fuller and firmer… so happy! question: has anyone else experienced breast tenderness with this product?

  12. MissMandarellaB

    Product Review

    quick delivery, discreet packaging. They work well. My boobs are firmer and nicer. You have to remember to drink water, I set my phone to remind me to take them and to drink my water.

  13. Shelley F

    Product Review

    Only been using this for a month and already went up 2 cup sizes. My breasts are much firmer and I feel more confident with myself as I no longer feel flat chested!

  14. Samantha Scott (S24Babe)

    Product Review

    Second month now. You can actually feel your breasts tingling and every morning, they seem _x000D_
    to have added! Keeping my fingers crossed – so far so good.

  15. Faye Barlow

    Product Review

    Hi I was a bit sceptical of this product at 1st but as i cant afford surgery at the moment i thought i would give it a go. Ive just completed my 1st month of up a cup and already i am seeing a change in my breasts they are fuller and firmer, i will check back after the 2nd month and let you know how im going thanks xxx

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