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Curves - Male Breast Enlargement
Curves - Male Breast Enlargement

Curves – Male Breast Enlargement


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  • Natural male breast enlargement pill
  • No negative side effects
  • Permanent results
  • Buy from as little as £29.00 per bottle
  • No repeat charges or subscriptions
  • Next working day delivery available

Curves breast enlargement pills for men are a natural and herbal product designed to help you accomplish natural male to female breast enlargement eliminating expensive, time-consuming tests and procedures.

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Male Breast Enlargement

Whether you’re transgender, transsexual or just a man interested in breast enlargement, we have a natural solution that’s been formulated specifically for you.


Curves male breast enlargement is a non-prescription product designed to help you accomplish natural male to female breast enlargement eliminating expensive, time-consuming tests and procedures.


The way Curves works for men is basically identical to the way similar products work for women. Herbal compounds stimulate the production of hormones by the endocrine system (production of estrogen or stimulating the pituitary gland). The higher level of hormones causes the body to increase the amount of breast tissue, causing the breasts to grow.


Curves contains the most powerful breast growth botanicals available, prepared and designed by master herbalists and nutritionists for you.


Check out the reviews below from some of our satisfied customers:

“When I took the first photo, I didn’t expect to see what happened over the next few months.”

“I could feel things changing, and sure enough, I started to develop.”

“I am now rather proud of my feminine breasts!”

“Started to actually feel things in my breast area after just 1 week! I was stunned by what I could feel and began to see! After 5 months, I now have well developed breasts and I really recommend the powerful breast enlargement pills to anyone seeking a real change.”

“These pills work amazingly, but I think any woman will be impressed as well.”


Male Breast Enlargement – Key Features:

– Non-prescription

– Herbal formulation

– No negative side effects


For optimum results we recommend a 6 month course. At the end of the 6 months course, you should see a 1/2 a cup to a full cup increase in breast size.


The results are permanent, however after the recommended initial 6 month course, it is advisable that you continue to take a reduced dosage for one or 2 months of 2-3 capsules per week for maintenance.


This product is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.


Directions for use: Take 3 capsules daily, one with each meal with water. For best results drink 2 litres of water daily.


Ingredients: Proprietary Blend 205 360mg, Fenugreek Extract, Saw Palmetto,Fennel Seed, Mexican Wild Yam, White Kwao Krua Extract, Black Cohosh Extract, Kelp Powder, Damiana, Dong Quai. Other Ingredients: Soy Isoflavone 16mg, L-Tyrosine 15mg, Avena Sativa 14mg, Blessed Thistle 13mg and Humulus Lupulus 10mg.



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Course Length: 30 Days
Type: Capsules
Quantity: 90 Capsules
Recommended dosage: 1 Capsules 3 times daily
Condition: New


  1. Mandi Babbs

    Started taking these three months ago and have gone from B to D cup. I am very happy and proud about my breasts.

  2. Nick

    On the fence on these

    I’d bought 3 months worth and then another 3 months. Currently at about 4 months so thought i’d post a review. Yes they do work but you aren’t going from no tits to a D cup. I’d say i’m AA, maybe A cup which is still a nice improvement. Going to keep taking them, I just wish the price was a bit lower as it does add up. Quick UK delivery though.

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