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Pregnant women ‘should eat a varied diet’

Pregnant women 'should eat a varied diet'It is important for pregnant women to eat a varied diet, an expert from Baby Lifeline has claimed.

Judy Ledger, chief executive of the charity, suggested that eating well is not only good for a mother-to-be's unborn child, but for their own health and weight management too.

She rubbished the long-standing myth that pregnant women need to 'eat for two' and said that a varied diet featuring plenty of fibre, vitamins and vegetables, and low levels of fat, salt and sugar is the key.

"You shouldn't be dieting, but you should be eating sensibly. I think people go from one extreme to another, and people basically need to be sensible. You don't have to be fanatical," Ms Ledger added.

Her comments follow the publication of research by the Royal College of Midwives and, which claims that 70 per cent of mothers surveyed 'ate for two' while they were pregnant.

Did you eat for two when you were pregnant?