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Post-diet regimes must have fewer calories

Post-diet regimes 'must have fewer calories'As most dieters will know, the period of time after a diet is often more difficult than the health kick itself, and it can be extremely difficult to keep the weight off.

However, a new study has revealed that will power alone may not be enough to prevent people from shedding the pounds – a reduction in the amount of calories they consume on a daily basis is also vital.

Researchers at New York's Columbia University, led by Professor Michael Rosenbaum, have discovered that people who have been on a diet and want to keep the weight off have to eat 300 calories fewer each day than before their weight loss regimen to stay trim.

According to the experts, even if somebody slims down to be exactly the same size as their friend is naturally, they will have to eat 300 calories less simply because the body's muscles remember how big they were before and so try to regain that size.

"Weight loss is a relatively brief therapeutic intervention, but trying to keep the weight off requires a lifetime of diligent attention," Professor Rosenbaum explained.

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