Planning 'is a key to weight loss' - Slimming Solutions

Planning ‘is a key to weight loss’

Planning is a key component in losing weight, according to Slimming World.

Dr Jacquie Lavin, head of nutrition and research at the weight loss organisation, said that those hoping to shed a few pounds should plan their diets so that they still include their favourite foods, but in smaller quantities.

“If you forbid yourself from having something, it’s human nature to crave it constantly and it leads to bingeing on just the thing you’ve been denying yourself,” she explained.

Dr Lavin suggested those worried about failing to achieve their weight loss goals over Easter stick to eating a little bit of dark chocolate when the rest of the family is pigging out on Easter eggs, as the “intense” flavour of plain chocolate helps to satisfy cravings, so “a little goes a long way”.

This advice is supported by the British Heart Foundation, which is encouraging people to opt for a small, plain egg.

It explains that chocolate is high in saturated fat and calories, with milk chocolate usually containing over 16g of saturated fat and 500 calories per 100g.

Do you think you’ll be able to stick to your diet over Easter?