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Plan ahead to avoid ruining weight loss plans this weekend

People worried about over-indulging this weekend and ruining their weight loss plans can avoid doing so by thinking ahead, diet experts have claimed.

Those visiting friends for a barbecue should take their own low-fat food, according to Closer magazine’s diet gurus.

“There’re bound to be temptations galore. Come prepared with your own healthy snacks so you don’t feel like you’re missing out,” the experts advise.

Another handy tip that the magazine recommends is to opt for a lean meat like chicken or turkey, rather than sausages and burgers, which are loaded with saturated fat.

People should also take advantage of the improving weather by kick-starting their outdoor fitness regimes.

Getting started now will mean people look svelte and toned by the time they are donning their skimpy summer outfits.

Ex-Heartbeat actress Tricia Penrose recently revealed to the magazine that she managed to lose one-and-a-half stone by exercising and swapping sugary and fatty foods for healthy alternatives.

Will you be able to resist gorging on fatty foods this weekend?