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People who earn more ‘are fatter’

People who earn more 'are fatter'There is a direct link between the size of a person's bank balance and their waistline, according to a new study.

Research carried out by the Pure Package and seen by Digital Hub shows that people with a higher income are more likely to spend money on boozy lunches, nights out, takeaways and ready meals.

Higher earners are also more likely to smoke and to avoid doing any form of exercise, which is leading to their weight ballooning and their overall health deteriorating.

Conversely, only 15 per cent of those on lower incomes do not exercise, compared with 40 per cent of people on a higher wage.

Jennifer Irvine, founder of The Pure Package, said there is a perception that people on lower incomes have a poor diet, but the findings show that things like alcohol, takeaways and cigarettes are well within reach.

"If you are watching your weight and trying to diet it's always best to go for a healthy option on a menu or prepare your own packed-lunch for the office," she added.

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