People 'should use trial and error to find the exercise for them' - Slimming Solutions

People ‘should use trial and error to find the exercise for them’

Those who find exercise boring need to carry on searching for the right workout for them, an expert has claimed.

David Higgins, co-founder of TenPilates, wrote in the London Evening Standard that a “surprising” number of people have a negative attitude towards exercise.

He said that this can be overcome by giving less traditional workouts a go, for example taking part in salsa dancing sessions, circus skills classes or dynamic Pilates lessons.

“With a little bit of research and some trial and error, even the most hardened gymophobes can find themselves enjoying and benefiting from exercise, perhaps for the first time in their lives,” he concluded.

Finding an exercise that you enjoy will encourage you do it more often and help you to reach your weight loss goal, but another method of motivation to achieve this was recently recommended by Closer.

The magazine advised women to put picture of a healthy, slim celeb or a photo of themselves before they gained weight on their fridge to ward off snacking.

Have you found a form of exercise that you enjoy yet?