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People ‘should cut amount of saturated fat’ in their diets

People looking to improve their diets by eating more healthily should aim to cut down on the amount of saturated fat that they consume.

That is according to HEART UK’s Linda Main, who feels that takeaway meals offer an example of foods which are high in such fats.

“HEART UK believes that it is important to limit the intake of trans fats and salt in the diet”, commented Ms Main, who acts as a dietetic advisor at the charity.

“However, this should not take away from the central message of limiting saturated fat.”

Cooking techniques which do not involve the inclusion of much saturated fat could be adopted by public figures, she added, in order to show people how they can lower their intake.

The food products consumed by the UK’s residents should not be allowed to contain trans fat, recommendations published by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence recently suggested.

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