People 'need to understand nutrition labels to lose weight' - Slimming Solutions

People ‘need to understand nutrition labels to lose weight’

To lose weight people need to not only read nutrition labels on food, but understand what they mean, according to Fat Free Fitness.

Rich Leigh, founder of the weight loss agency, said that there is a stigma surrounding checking food labels as some see doing so as “obsessive”.

He added that “as a rule of thumb” everyone, including those trying to lose weight quickly, should avoid saturated fat as much as possible.

“Keep away from hydrogenated manmade fats typically found in fast food and try to consume more heart-healthy polyunsaturated fat, typically found in fish, nuts, seeds and the like,” Mr Leigh explained.

His comments follow the publication of a study by the Pancreatic Cancer Cohort Consortium which found an association between increased body mass index and pancreatic cancer risk, particularly in women.

The research suggested that those who carry great amounts of fat around their middles are more at risk of developing the disease than those who carry it elsewhere.

Do you read nutrition labels before you buy food products?