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People ‘can lose weight while eating potatoes’

People 'can lose weight while eating potatoes'Slimmers do not have to cut potatoes from their diets in order to achieve their weight loss goals, a study has shown.

Researchers from the University of California, Davis and the National Center for Food Safety and Technology, Illinois Institute of Technology presented these findings at the Obesity Society's 28th Annual Scientific Meeting.

Lead researcher Dr Britt Burton-Freeman said that the results of the study confirm that certain food or food groups do not have to be eliminated for people to lose weight, but that it is calorie reduction that is important.

"There is no evidence that potatoes, when prepared in a healthful manner, contribute to weight gain. In fact, we are seeing that they can be part of a weight loss programme," she said.

Earlier in the month, research from Canendrel revealed that some women hide sweet treats in potato bags.

Other hiding places that the study revealed included under pillows, down the side of sofa cushions and in the garage.

Do potatoes still have a place in your diet?