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People ‘can eat more but still stay trim at Xmas’

People can eat more this Christmas but avoid piling on the pounds over the festive season if they do some clever food swaps, one commentator has claimed.

Hilarie Stelfox wrote in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner that those trying to lose weight should fill up on lots of vegetables on Christmas day, so long as they have not been smothered in butter.

"A 100g portion of carrots, for example, is just 35 calories, while the same quantity of sausage wrapped in bacon is 311," she explained.

Ms Stelfox went on to say that red cabbage and Brussels sprouts are even lower in calories but that Christmas puddings should be avoided, as they can contain as much as 350 calories per portion.

Slimming World consultant Lynda Thwaites told the newspaper that people can cut even more calories by offering to be the designated driver and sticking to diet soft drinks.

Earlier this month, revealed that the average Brit consumes more than 4,000 calories on Christmas Day.

What food sacrifices are you making this Christmas in order to stick to your weight loss diet?