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People advised not to skip meals when dieting

People attempting to lose weight should not skip meals as part of their diet plans, one expert has recommended.

Speaking in an article published by the Times of India, nutritionist Dr Pooja Makhija has noted that skipping meals is a mistake for those who are aiming to follow diets.

She commented: “When you skip a meal, your blood sugar level drops, increasing your craving for saturated sugary foods.”

Such products may well prove to be more fattening than “a simple, home-cooked meal”, the expert went on to say in the article.

Dr Makhija added that is unacceptable for dieters to avoid eating proper meals.

Meanwhile, consumers may face health problems such as diabetes and heart disease if they are obese, Dr David Haslam, chair of the National Obesity Forum, recently suggested.

They might benefit from regularly monitoring their weight, he added.

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