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Pals fear for shrinking Sarah

She ditched her hard-partying habits this year and embarked on a strict health kick to tone up her body, but concerns are growing for the Girls Aloud star as she loses more weight.

The 30-year-old singer sparked concern when she was seen in London recently showing off her tiny, taut physique, jutting hipbones, sculpted abs and visible ribs. Pals say that despite being a very slim size 6, Sarah is still not happy with her figure and they fear she is in danger of taking her fitness regime a step too far.

Former wild-child Sarah who is set for a Girl Aloud reunion tour next year to celebrate their 10th anniversary, has turned her life around after admitting herself into rehab last year to treat a sleeping pill and alcohol addiction.

Those close to Miss Harding believe that her hardcore weight loss and exercise regime could be her way of feeling in control. Her workout plan consists of daily Bikram yoga sessions, along with two hour gruelling gym workouts, swimming and walking. Her diet has become largely vegetarian, as she shuns carbs and fat for protein and vegetables.

“There is concern that she may burn out if she doesn’t take things a little easier. It seems to be more about staying in control than being healthy”, revealed a source.

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