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Overweight pregnant women ‘face more risks’

Women who are overweight and trying for a baby should consider weight loss as there are more risks associated with pregnancies in females with high BMIs, according to medical expert Mike Kelly.

This is one of the reasons that guidance on diet and physical activities during and after pregnancy is being developed by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).

The guidance will help health professionals to ensure women understand the health risks of being overweight during pregnancy and the importance of weight loss to achieve a healthy weight before conceiving.

“We hope that the recommendations will ensure women are provided with the support they need to help them maintain a healthy weight, for them and the health of their baby,” said Mr Kelly, director of the centre for public health excellence at NICE.

NICE has invited the public to view and comment on draft recommendations that were published on its website today (February 18th).

The NHS advises pregnant women not to include mould-ripened soft cheese, blue-veined cheese, vegetarian pate, or raw egg in their diets.

Did you alter your diet when you were pregnant or would you if you were?