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‘Only certain strains of Goji berries carry health benefits’

Those adding Goji berries to their weight loss diets in an attempt to improve their health should make sure they buy the right species, a nutrition expert has warned.

Emilio Martinez de Victoria Munoz, director of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Granada, said that people must buy Goji berries belonging to the Lycium Barbarum or Lycium Chinense species.

He said that these strains are the ones that contain the nutrients that benefit health.

The fruit contains antioxidants, fibre, proteins and carbohydrates and other components that are considered to be beneficial for the eyes and health in general.

Mr De Victoria Munoz suggested that people should not rely on “miracle foods” to improve their health.

He said that the only secret to good health is “a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and regular physical exercise”.

Earlier in the year, Nutritionist Patrick Holford wrote in Marie Claire that people can lower the caloric content of their breakfast by swapping a banana for a portion of berries.

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