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Obesity ‘is reaching epidemic proportions’

Obesity 'is reaching epidemic proportions'So many people in the UK are now dangerously overweight that obesity is becoming an epidemic, Mind, Exercise, Nutrition…Do it! (Mend) has claimed.

Paul Sacher, chief research and development officer at the social enterprise dedicated to helping people to lose weight, said that there are many reasons why people become obese.

These include human biology, culture, individual choices and the increase in low-cost, high-fat foods.

“Investing in evidence-based healthy lifestyle solutions that can be tailored to meet local need is essential if we are to protect the health of our nation and stop the obesity crisis from getting any worse,” he explained.

Mr Sacher’s comments follow the publication of figures by Datamonitor, which showed that two-thirds of UK citizens are overweight or obese.

It also found that the number one goal of 50 per cent of UK consumers in terms of weight management is to lose weight.
The study’s authors predicted that 16.5 million Britons and one in four women will be obese by 2014.

How are you making sure that you do not gain any more weight?