Nuts are 'one of the best foods to snack on' - Slimming Solutions

Nuts are ‘one of the best foods to snack on’

Those looking for a snack food to replace sugary and unhealthy foods should consider nuts, according to a health website. recommends trying a handful of nuts, such as almonds, as an in-between meals snack.

“They’re full of healthy fats, contain protein and fibre to fill you up, are cholesterol-free and they’re a great snack you can easily pack with you wherever you go,” the website claims.

It goes on to explain that one serving of nuts is equivalent to one ounce, which is about a handful or, more accurately, around 22 almonds.

An ounce of almonds contains 160 calories and six grams of protein, according to the website.

Those who are hoping to lose weight while continuing to eat snacks such as nuts may want to consider trying diet pills.

Back in January, a study by commissioned by weight loss expert Rich Leigh, personal trainer and founder of Fat Free Fitness, found that that one in four women have used fat loss tablets.

Have you tried working nuts into your diet?