Acai Berry Weight Loss Tea | Acaiberries for Losing Weight

New to the UK – Acai Berry Weight Loss Tea!

Slimming Solutions proudly introduces Acai Berry Weight Loss Tea to its vast growing slimming catalogue!

The new weight loss tea is blended from the superfood Acai Berry which is found in South and Central America growing on palm trees. This berry provides the highest level of nutritional value of any fruit in the world which therefore brands this berry as a superfood.

Acai Berries are mainly known as a weight loss supplement, but do have a range of other benefits including slowing down the ageing process and fighting fatigue. Acai Berry weight loss tea is an herbal drink that creates a faster breakdown of fat, increased levels of energy and metabolism all due to the large amounts of antioxidants it contains. Research suggests that eating a diet high in antioxidants is the key to effective weight loss.

The naturally caffeine free Acai Berry Weight Loss Tea contains natural Acai Berry Extract, White Tea, blackcurrant and apple along with a range of increasing benefits.

Acai Berry Weight Loss Tea Benefits:

– 100% Natural Acai Berry Extract
– Increases Metabolism
– Breaks down fat – fast!
– Energy Increase
– Fights Fatigue
– Slows down ageing process
– Buy One Get One Free Offer

Our customers are already raving about the fruity, berry flavour of this new and highly effective slimming tea!

Lovely, got a free sample last week, lost 2lbs in 2 days so here I am placing an order. Will it come by tomorrow?
Added Sep 30, 2010 by mamamia231
Rating – 5 Stars

tried it for the first time and thought it was going to be disgusting! it tastes quite nice, I am going to buy my second box next week.
Added Oct 4, 2010 by ann-marie
Rating – 4 Stars

Loved the berry flavour – lost 4lbs already!
Added Oct 8, 2010 by Sherry M
Rating – 5 Stars

Acai Berry Weight Loss Tea is £14.95 – Buy One Get One Free for a Limited Period Only!

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