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New gym class alert, anyone for ‘spunning?’

ladies-in-gym2015’s hottest new gym class will see us ditching our bikes for a full body workout that promises to burn a minimum of 600 calories.  This is the mile high run club, and before you ask, no it doesn’t involve and risqué rendevouz at 30,000 feet.

Gym time gets even more exciting

The group treadmill workouts started in a single studio in Manhattan, but now they’re taking off across to New York and LA and are now in London, too.  The class aims to work every muscle in your body, increase your running speed and leave you with a strong, lean, runner’s body.
Caitlin McGowan, group fitness manager at Kensington’s Equinox Gym – the first in the UK to hold regular indoor ‘hot’ running classes, which now sell out six times a week – says, ‘People can use treadmills inefficiently.  As a coach, it is our job to correct running form and spot weakness in your technique.  But it’s also more fun than running on your own.  It’s highly competitive and very addictive.’  A typical class, in a dark, UV lit studio begins with lunges, jumping jacks and squats, then a four minute easy jog.
Programmes are given cheesy titles, such as, ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’ – interval training, with the ‘good cop’ referring to a flat run with slowly increasing speed, followed by ‘bad cop’, when an incline is added at the higher speed.  Despite the gym class lasting an hour, just 24 minutes are spent running, and the final 10 minutes are based on a tough kettlebell strengthening class.  As said previously, the class is a huge sell out and is set to roll out across the country throughout this year.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Gym bunnies look out for a class near you coming soon!

Thoughts on ‘spunning’ anyone?