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New and slim-proved SPANX products

NEW-SPANXSPANX underwear is already the go-to for Gwyneth, the must-have for Madonna, and the only thing Oprah wears, so we were amazed when SPANX told us they had improved two of our most popular products!

Thanks to the slimming expertise from the people at SPANX, further advances in technology, and updated hosiery innovation, we’re thrilled to introduce that we’re stocking the new and slim-proved SPANX Power Panties and SPANX Higher Power – both available from the Slimming Solutions website in nude and black, sizes A-G.

Key information

Both products are perfect for special occasions when you need a flawless finish, and they’re also great for everyday use as underwear for a streamlined silhouette, firm rear, and slim look.

TSpanx-409-blackhese must-have, iconic SPANX products offer the comfort of underwear, the close fit of hosiery, and the power of shapewear.

The new thinner yarns mean that there’s less bulk, but still offer the same shaping results, thanks to advances in technology.

New 3D Knit Spandex

The new SPANX innovation 3D Knit Spandex is on every stitch of every row of these updated products, offering exceptional elasticity. This means they now allow for a four-way stretch for a flawless fit.

This 3D knit also lighter and sleeker, so it creates a smoother look, a more comfortable feel, and additional compression.

Spanx-408-nudeSPANX Higher Power

  • Flawless fit from top to bottom – slimming starts just below the bra line.
  • Full-coverage flattery! All-around shaping offers a trim torso, flat tummy and sleek thighs.
  • Legband-free design banishes bulges on legs.

SPANX Power Panties

  • Slims tummy through thighs! All-around shaping ensures a flawless figure every time.
  • Amazing feel on the body! So comfortable, you’ll forget you have it on.
  • Patented double-layer design ensures a bulge-free look on legs.

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SPANX New & Slim-proved Higher Power – £35.

SPANX New & Slim-proved Power Panties – £30.