Natural Weight loss

Natural Weight loss

Natural Weight LossLow fat, No Fat, No carbs, nothing after 6pm……
Sometimes no matter what we try we struggle with weight loss. The fact is there are many different things to consider when trying to lose weight. And, fundamentally it all comes down to one underlying thing – your metabolic rate. How your body processes the food you eat, and how efficiently it does it.

But there are factors that are believed to affect your metabolic rate that you probably have never even considered. A diet heavy in processed pre-packaged food, stress and liver function for example will affect the natural weight loss process.

So how can we help to counteract the negative impact of these factors on our diet? One increasingly popular way is to adopt a more holistic approach. Natural herbal weight loss remedies have been used for centuries to aid the body’s digestion and metabolism, and can still be relevant today.

Chemicals found in processed food such as pesticides, flavourings and colourings, could all affect our metabolic rate. Recent studies show that these kinds of toxins contribute to all sorts of health problems including obesity. Also the unhealthy trans fats found in processed food can slow the body’s ability to metabolise food. Where as eating “good” fats like Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish, walnuts and flax seeds to name a few, not only has a good impact on our general overall health but also activates genes in the body that actually increase metabolic rate, promoting natural weight loss.

We can support our diets with natural weight loss supplements and aids such as the Seaweed Natural Weight Loss Patch, which helps to suppress appetite and stimulate metabolism. Also Natural weight loss pills such as Chromium can control food cravings while giving the metabolism a healthy boost.

Liver function also plays an important role in the body’s fat burning process. Not only does it actually create the cholesterol in our body but it also filters out the toxins we take in that contribute to weight gain.

To give our liver a head start we can detoxify our systems using natural weight loss supplements. These can help fight against a build up of toxins and bad fats and help your liver to metabolise sugar and fats more effectively. With the benefits of detoxifying becoming more apparent, it is a route many people are now taking by utilising the power of herbs that have been used in this way since ancient times.

Using herbal tea to supplement diets helps the liver to do its job properly and cleanse your system. Pu-erh tea – reportedly a favourite with Victoria Beckham – increases the metabolism and because of its detoxifying qualities can help to reduce cholesterol levels too. Another effective product is Feiyan Tea, which is known for its cleansing properties. Of course drinking water is also an excellent way of flushing toxins from our system and we should be aiming to drink at least 8 glasses per day. This too can be supplemented with a slimming aid such as Cyclotrim. It dissolves in your water and is packed with vitamins and herbs that kick start a sluggish metabolism.

Relaxation also has a role in aiding natural weight loss! Nice to hear when we feel the only way to lose weight is to work up a sweat! Stress actually causes the body to store calories as a natural form of protection, keeping energy to fuel itself during a crisis. When we relax it allows the body to work at its most effective level and increase fat burning. Good forms of active relaxation are meditation, yoga and other gentle forms of exercise such as walking.

We need to become more aware of all of the factors that influence our body’s ability to process the food we eat and take a more holistic approach to achieving our optimum weight and fitness level. It is worth exploring the many natural, herbal products available and seeing how they can be incorporated into our daily diet to supplement not just our weight loss but also our general health and wellbeing.