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M&S lingerie model reveals diet secrets

The famous M&S lingerie advert featuring Natalie Suliman’s envy-inducing figure no doubt left many women reaching for the diet pills, but she has now revealed her secrets to staying slim.

Suliman told the Sun that she loves food and that it plays a big part in her family life but that she regulates what she eats and exercises regularly in order to stay in shape.

“I normally have Bran Flakes or Alpen for breakfast or sometimes fruit. I don’t drink tea or coffee and have as much water as possible,” she explained.

The 24-year-old model revealed that her lunch would generally consist of healthy proteins such as fish or chicken with salad or peppers and avocado.

She has set up her own charity, called Sky High, which aims to boost the self esteem of underprivileged girls.

Suliman told the newspaper that, in her charity’s sessions, she explains to the girls that images in magazines are heavily airbrushed and that respecting their own bodies can help them to fulfil their potential in life.

Those hoping to burn off some extra weight may want to take on board recent advice from Nicki Waterman, who co-presented of GMTV’s Inch Loss Island.

She recommended that people try 20-minute PowerPlining classes, which involve a vibrating power plate and a trampoline, as these can burn up to 300 calories a session.

How similar is your diet to Natalie’s?