Most women 'would choose surgery over exercise to lose weight' - Slimming Solutions

Most women ‘would choose surgery over exercise to lose weight’

Almost eight in ten women would choose cosmetic surgery to lose weight rather than exercise or diet pills, a recent survey has suggested.

Research conducted by found that 78 per cent of women surveyed opted for surgery as their preferred weight loss method, as it would procure immediate results.

Shami Thomas, spokesperson for cosmetic surgery group Transform, said: “There’s a big misconception out there that cosmetic surgery can make you thin.

“It can sculpt and shape your body better but you really need to include diet, exercise and a good lifestyle in your plan.”

She went on to say that going under the knife is not a decision to be taken lightly and that people should do their research to find a trusted surgeon.

Ms Thomas added that women should then build a good rapport with their chosen surgeon before going ahead with any procedure.

According to the NHS, to lose 1lb of weight a week, 500 more calories need to be used than are consumed each day.

It claims the best way of achieving this is through a combination of eating less and doing more exercise.