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More vitamin A could boost your night vision

More vitamin A could boost your night visionAdding foods rich in vitamin A to your healthy recipes could help to boost your eyesight at night.

This is according to Dr Sarah Schenker, a freelance nutritionist speaking on behalf of The Nutrition Society, who said some people simply find it difficult to adapt to low light levels, while others suffer from night blindness.

She explained this can be down to not getting enough vitamin A in the form of Retinol and Beta Carotene.

"All vitamins and minerals will have some kind of interplay in keeping cells in the body healthy but that is the particular function for eye health that Vitamin A has," Dr Schenker commented.

The expert suggested eating more red peppers, carrots, melon and apricots, as well as milk-based yogurt, meats and fish in order to improve your levels of this nutrient and help keep your eyes in top condition.

This comes after Seven Seas Health Oils found that the average Briton only feels at their best for one day of the working week, which is usually Tuesday.

Do you find it hard to see at night?