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Miss England reveals diet secrets

Reigning Miss England Katrina Hodge has revealed the diet that keeps her super-trim.

Kat usually eats two Weetabix with yogurt plus two pieces of wholemeal toast with butter and a glass orange juice for breakfast, the Sun reports.

“At lunchtime, I’ll have a jacket potato with cheddar cheese and lots of salads, and dinner is spaghetti bolognese or vegetable lasagne. I don’t bother with puddings and I watch serving sizes,” the 22-year-old told the newspaper.

Kat is a soldier in the British army and, in the past, has been dubbed Combat Barbie.

She said that the physical training she has to do with her job helps her to keep fit and to burn off any treats she does have, such as the occasional pizza or McDonald’s.

The NHS recommends boiled eggs with wholemeal toast as a healthy breakfast. It explains that eggs contain protein, zinc and calcium as well as vitamins A, D, B12 and E.

An extra weight loss tip that the NHS gives is to avoid putting spread on the toast.

What does your breakfast typically consist of?