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Megan Fox drops her baby weight in 5 weeks

meganfoxMegan Fox has dropped her baby weight only five weeks after giving birth to her new son, Bodhi.

Megan Fox’s post pregnancy diet

The 27 year old mother of two accredits her drastic drop in weight to the newly popular high protein Paleo diet.

“I’m not eating dairy, that’s my biggest secret. “It’s really hard on your hormones and it’s not good. If you want to gain weight, eat dairy. If you don’t, don’t eat it.”

She and husband, Brian Austin Green, enjoy eating healthy and staying active and have made it a part of their lifestyle both as individuals and a couple. They enjoy eating green meals and having healthy shakes. Megan’s favourite is reported as the red shake, including seasonal berries, chai tea, protein powder, and almond milk.

Megan Fox’s post pregnancy workouts

She also credits the exceptional guidance of her trainer, Harley Pasternick. The celebrity trainer says that she also worked out during her pregnancy and explains that it contributed to her rapid weight loss after giving birth. Pasternick explains that she took time to educate herself on how to be active in a way that would be safe for both her growing baby and herself. Her workout plan  incorporated cardio, weight training, and light stretches to ensure she had a well-balanced plan that focused on each area of the body.

“Megan really educated herself big-time and had a great relationship with her physician so she really understood the safe boundaries of how to exercise and eat well during pregnancy,” Pasternick says.

Megan Fox’s health-conscious lifestyle

While she doesn’t like to publicise her health-conscious lifestyle, Megan has always enjoyed staying fit. She strives to go beyond the physical and believes that a healthy body starts with a healthy mind. For that reason she works on having a positive outlook on life and tries to look at her workout time as an enjoyable and even fun experience instead burdensome. By doing this she feels  more motivated to make health and fitness a part of her everyday life and something she always looks forward to doing.


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