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Many women lie about weight loss

Many women lie about weight lossMany women turn to slimming aids in an effort to achieve their perfect figure, but those who are not quite there yet may be tempted to lie about their weight.

Two-thirds of women have lied about the size of their bodies, a new study has revealed, with many fibbing about their weight when talking to their partner, best friend and even their mothers in a bid to avoid judgement and shame.

However, it is not just humans that they lie to, with one in six typing a lower weight into the machines at the gym, according to the study commissioned by pasta company Eat Water.

Furthermore, many women are lying to themselves, the study showed, regularly buying the wrong size of clothing and then being surprised when they don’t fit.

Vincent Lee, from the company, commented:  “Carrying extra weight can be embarrassing and knock your confidence and it’s only natural that you might not want to highlight this to your friends and even your partner. It’s especially worrying that so many women are starting to believe their own lies.”