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Man vs Food host Adam Richman loses five stone

adam-richman-before-and-after-3Adam Richman was the host of popular US TV show Man vs Food for almost four years. In each episode, Adam would explore the ‘big food’ offerings of a different American city. He would then take on a huge eating challenge at a local restaurant, which almost always involve eating portions big enough to feed an entire rugby team.

After the show ended in April 2012, Adam was left with a 40-inch waist and what he calls a “doughy face.”

So over the last 10 months, Adam has been focussed on getting healthy and ending the ridicule from his friends. And he has succeeded, after shedding an amazing five stone.adam-richman-before-after-1

How did he do it?

The 40 year old was motivated to change his lifestyle due to concerns over his health, as well as his non-existent sex life. He retired from the show in order to focus on eating better and exercising.

Not participating in competitive eating challenges (such as 190lb hamburgers and two gallon sundaes!) obviously had a huge effect straight away, as Adam’s daily calorie intake dropped dramatically. He also cut out white flour and dairy from his diet, and stocked his kitchen cupboards with healthy snacks.

Throughout the day he eats small 150 calorie meals every two hours, and some of his favourite go-to diet foods include almonds, Greek yogurt, salmon and meal replacement bars. Adam-Richman-before-and-after-2

How does he look now?

Adam has been posing NAKED for Cosmopolitan’s July issue!

“To go from hating the way I looked to being a Cosmo centrefold is a profound honour.”adam-richman-cosmo-naked

Credit: The Daily Mirror and The Daily Mail.