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Man halves weight in ten months

In a mere ten months, one person’s weight loss goals have been fulfilled as a Macclesfield man dropped 12 stone.

According to GMTV, soya mince was among the foods that featured in Peter Lawson’s dramatic weight loss diet that helped him to slim down from 24 stone.

The physical appearance of the 49-year-old has changed drastically since he started to shed his excess weight.

In fact, he is reported by the news provider as saying that his look has altered so much that some of his acquaintances found it hard to recognise him at first.

He stated: “I have to reintroduce myself to people who I haven’t seen for a while as they just don’t know who I am.”

Before he slimmed down, Mr Lawson had to deal with the problem of high blood pressure.

Asthma problems might also be exacerbated by diets which are high in fat, Dr Elaine Vickers, research relations manager at Asthma UK, recently commented.

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