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Make your own fruity energy bars

Make your own 100% natural energy bars! They’re filling, satisfying, and delicious too. Plus, just a fraction of the cost compared to shop-bought bars.

Once made, the bars can be kept in an air-tight container for up to one week. You could also wrap them individually for a portable snack.Make your own fruity energy bars


143 calories per bar or segment
Recipe makes 16 bars
Cooking time: 1 hour


½ tsp sunflower oil (14 cals)
1 x 400g can light condensed milk (1116 cals)
200g rolled (porridge) oats (740 cals)
50g mixed seeds (277 cals) – this calorie count uses Linwoods milled 5 seed mix – you can use any seeds you like
80g dried apricots, chopped (142 cals)
*this recipe works well with any dried fruit.


Pre-heat the oven to 160C (or 140C for fan).

Use a square or round 10” tin. If you don’t have one, just line the base of the tin with a sheet of baking parchment.

Put a dribble of oil in the tin and wipe round with some kitchen roll.

Heat the condensed milk gently in a small saucepan. Warm through until just steaming, but not bubbling. This takes about 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, put the oats, seeds, and chopped apricots in a large bowl and mix together.

When the condensed milk is warm, pour over the dry ingredients and stir thoroughly.

Scoop the mixture into the tin and press into the edges so you get an even spread.

Bake in the pre-heated oven for 45-55 minutes until lightly golden on top.

Leave to cool for 5 minutes before carefully tipping out onto a chopping board.

Use a sharp knife to cut into 16 equal portions while still warm.

Leave to cool completely before transferring to an air-tight container or wrapping individually in cling film.


Credit: Adapted from Jacqueline Whitehart’s recipe via