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Losing weight with a friend ‘really works’

Losing weight with a friend 'really works'The old adage that it can be easier to lose weight with a friend is very much true, according to one source.

Charles Platkin, a nutrition and public health advocate and founder of DietDetective.com, told the News Sentinel that losing weight with a friend is easier because they can support each other.

In addition, the activity can create a bit of competition as each person compares their diet and tries to lose more weight than the other.

Mr Platkin explained: "It provides a method of sharing of information: for instance, a new healthy recipe, the best walking routes, a fun dance class. It also helps with problem solving – perhaps your friend has been through it all before and can share the wisdom."

Recently, slimmer Tracey Burley, who lost four stone thanks to a weight loss regime, told the South Wales Echo that the key to trimming down is to make small changes and stick to them.

Do you find losing weight is easier with a friend or alone?