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Losing weight ‘can prevent sleeping problems’

Losing weight 'can prevent sleeping problems'People who make the effort to lose weight may find that there are numerous benefits to doing so, including an improvement in sleep, one expert has claimed.

Dr Richard Beliveau, lab director in molecular medicine and researcher in neurosurgery at the Notre Dame Hospital, explained that the risk of suffering from sleep apnoea, a condition which causes snoring and severely disrupts sleep, is reduced through diet and weight loss.

The expert pointed out that there are clearly numerous benefits to be gained from losing weight and, as sleep apnoea can have a negative effect on a person's confidence as well as their sleep, this makes the incentive even greater.

"This information suggests that those suffering from excess weight or obesity could significantly reduce their risk by adopting a lifestyle that would return them to a healthy weight," he added.

It comes after psychologists at the University of Texas at Austin conducted a study which found that obese women could reduce their risk of developing dementia by losing weight through dieting and exercise.

Have you noticed any additional lifestyle benefits after losing weight?