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Lose Weight With Water

We all know that water is an essential for life – but did you know it can also help you lose weight?Water flushes out toxins from our bodies, lubricates our joints and keeps us cool, but let’s admit, how many of us actually do drink the suggested two litres a day? For those of us that do struggle to drink the recommended daily amount, the great news is that water can actually help you with shifting the extra weight.Now for the science talkYour metabolism is the bio-mechanical method that breaks food down and turns it into energy. To put it briefly, it consumes calories. As your metabolism is your best ally in the front-line against weight, you want it to be working at the best of its ability. Water is the fuel that drives metabolism’s chemical reactions. So, if you’re not drinking what you should then you won’t burn as many calories as you want. Easy.Running on empty?Here’s how your body is being affected if you are not drinking the recommended of at least 2 litres a day:You won’t lose weight. You lose around 2.5 litres of water through natural bodily functions, such as going to the toilet and sweating. If you don’t replace this water you will become dehydrated and your metabolism will be one of your first functions to shut down. If you’re dieting and you don’t seem to be shifting the weight, it could be because you aren’t drinking enough water.Your digestion will suffer. Water is used for essential processes such as digestion and elimination. If you have poor digestion this would mean that you won’t be able to consume the goodness from your food. In turn your body will send signals to your brain and you will start craving food that has minerals your body is lacking.You will start feeling “phantom” hunger. When you’re dehydrated, your body sends similar signals that normally prompt you to eat, in return you may wind up answering the signal with food. Water will help curb the hunger pangs and will also fill you up. Drink a large glass of water around half an hour before each meal to fill the void and defend overeating.You won’t feel the benefit of a workout. When exercising your metabolism boosts, and as mentioned before, water is fundamental to maximise your metabolism. Make sure your drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout.Make is a pint (or five)?How much H2O should you drink? The British Dietetic Association suggests adults drink 2.5 litres (that’s a little over five pints) of fluids a day, which can include squash, fruit juices and weak tea or coffee. The amount recommended is used for maintaining your daily fluid requirements. If your aim is to lose weight, add another 750ml to that and you’ll aid your metabolism and help create new muscle weight.You will know if you’re drinking enough water because your urine is clear and odourless (not including your first urination of the morning)But unfortunately, even though alcohol is technically fluid, it cannot be included as your daily intake. This is because booze is dehydrating – so if you’re going to indulge in a drink or two, follow up each glass of alcohol with one glass of water.Dehydration will make you retain water, not if you drink loads of water. If your body starts to feel that it’s not getting enough water, it will hold on to what it has.You will visit the toilet more frequently as water does make you pee, but you can minimize the effects by drinking throughout the day rather then throwing it all down in one go. If you’re drinking more than one or two glasses in one swift go then your body will want to eliminate the excess so you won’t take in the benefits.Most dieticians discard this but weak tea or coffee and sparkling water can count towards your daily fluid intake. However, as they have a diuretic effect, try and curb the amount you intake. Try and drink herbal tea instead. If you are wanting to drink and espresso, then add another large glass of water to your intake for that day.It’s as easy as one, two, three…


  1. Keep a water bottle by your side. So, instead of chomping on biscuits or crisps, keep sipping from your water bottle.

  3. If you think that you would be unable to drink that much water without it making you queasy then be strategic. You are most thirsty when you first wake up, during a workout and when having a meal so have a glass of water. By carrying a bottle of water with you, you will be more inclined to keep drinking your way to the recommended daily amount.

  5. You can make water taste better by using a jug with a filter. You can also add a bit of flavour to the water by slicing some apple, lemon or a bit of cucumber. Try mixing a tiny dash of juice or squash. You could make your own herbal iced tea by pouring boiling water over four tea bags, leave to steep for around 10 minutes and dilute with cold water to meet your tastes.

Even though we diet for health reasons, it’s usually the fact that we are looking better that keeps us motivated. By drinking plenty of water it will give you a fresh-faced, dewy look by plumping the cells in your skin so that lines and wrinkles are less visible. Water reduces blemishes and flushes away impurities. Water has a very high concentration of negative ions, which can bring about a feeling of well-being, according to the American Holistic Association.Swimming is a great exercise and as you are merged in water will mean that you will also feel the emotional benefit of those negative ions. So are what you waiting for? Dive in, and the next thing you know, your weight loss will be going swimmingly well.