Slimming Tights | Caffeine Slimming Tights that help you Lose Weight

Lose Weight with Caffeine Tights?

Summer is fast approaching, and those cosy warm jackets and woolly scarves are the first to go, which means one thing; it’s time to start shaving our legs and preparing for the return of short skirts and strapless tops. Bearing flesh after so many months of hiding it away, can be very daunting for some people; however this is when SkinKiss Caffeine Tights step in…

These revolutionary 15 denier sheer tights have the ability to slim the wearer’s bum, tum and thighs by up to 2 1/2cm, thus helping to create an irresistible pair of pins for the summer months ahead of us.

How do they work?

The warmth of the body causes the coffee infused tights to act on the skin and tighten and firm the tissue. They apparently reduce the appearance of cellulite too!

Small amount of caffeine works to boost your metabolism, helping with weight loss. Hence, the concept of coffee tights is to bring the caffeine into direct contact with the skin, enabling the fat loss benefit of it to initiate right away.

Once you wear the tights, your body heat begins the release process for the caffeine micro-granules, which enter into the skin and get to work on melting fat. By wearing them daily for a month, the following benefits will be evident:

– Soft and graceful skin
– Improved suppleness
– Reduced ripples or bumps (cellulite)
– Clear evidence of slimmer thighs
– And best of all, consistency in weight staying off!

So, it is all too good to be true?

Well, the only visible negative is the cost. In order to experience the results, you need to wear the tights consecutively for 4 weeks and a pack of three pairs is recommend for this period, costing around £27. After washing 5 times, the caffeine effect wears thin, and it is advised not use them for any period longer than recommended.

For the majority, this one factor will not feature high on the list due to the advantages that await the wearer. After all, if the only effort is to wear a pair of tights to get silky smooth legs, wouldn’t you? In a world demanding hasty remedies, the caffeine tights offer an excellent option to the consumers.

So, what can these tights do for you? Well, it appears they can make a difference…