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Lose weight by stabilising blood sugar with low-GI foods

Those hoping to lose weight should stabilise their blood sugar levels by eating low glycemic index (GI) foods, an expert has claimed.

Nutritionist Patrick Holford wrote in Marie Claire magazine that the first thing people need to do before they embark on a mission to lose weight is introduce six “fundamental processes” into their lives.

These include improving digestion, sharpening the mind with B vitamins, increasing intake of anti-ageing oxidants, keeping hydrated and eating essential fats.

The final process is to balance blood sugar levels as, if these are low, people will tend to reach for snacks.

To combat this, he recommends the Low Glycemic Load diet.

“It’s the key to boosting energy, losing weight and controlling sugar cravings,” he explained.

Mr Holford suggested exchanging cornflakes for bran flakes, bread for oat cakes and berries instead of bananas.

One person who follows the GI diet is actress Sharon Stone, who still looks stunning at the age of 58.

What food swaps have you made in an attempt to lose weight?