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Lose weight by exercising at work, Brits urged

Lose weight by exercising at work, Brits urgedBritons hoping to lose weight and get fitter have been advised to try and do exercise at work.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CIP) visited offices across the UK yesterday (September 8th 2011) as part of its Workout at Work Day initiative, aimed at getting people to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

A recent survey discovered that more than two out of five adults now admit to getting out of puff when they have to run for a bus or climb stairs.

CIP chairman Ann Green said the day's organisers hoped to demonstrate that there are easy things people can do each day to boost their fitness and help with their slimming.

"Adopting some of these healthy habits can help us tackle the obesity crisis facing the UK today," she added.

Paige Waehner, writing for About.com, recommends using an exercise ball instead of a chair and climbing the stairs to another office's toilets in order to burn off extra calories during the working day.

Do you employ any special methods to stop you becoming chair-shaped at work?