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London slimming event to offer weight loss advice

A range of weight loss guidance is set to be offered to people attending a London-based slimming event in the near future, it has been announced.

According to a report published by Health & Fitness, fashion guidance and information about useful recipes will be provided at the forthcoming Slim Into Summer Live Event.

Those attending the Kensington show on June 19th will be able to hear from Anna Richardson, the Channel 4 TV presenter, with the news provider confirming that she will be hosting the event.

Meanwhile, the day is set to be co-hosted by the hypnotherapist Marisa Peer.

However, the Slim Into Summer Live Event is not the only show that is being held to provide Londoners with slimming guidance in the near future.

Camden Council’s website recently reported that it is to take part in an Active Health and Wealth Day on June 10th at the Abbey Hive venue.

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