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Lily: ‘I’m eating for one this time!’

After struggling to lose weight following the birth of her first child less than a year ago, Lily Allen is determined to control her cravings and “just eat for one” this time around.

Lily, who became pregnant again just five months after having her first child Ethel, with husband Sam Cooper in November last year, has told pals: “I ate for two last time.  I think I indulged every craving I had and loved eating constantly.  But I learnt my lesson when I had to start trying to lose it all.  It’s fun putting it on, but God, it was tough trying to get it of!”

And Lily, 27, who’s usually a size 210, is being kept so busy by Ethel, she doesn’t even have time to think much about her cravings.

A pal says:”Ethel’s at the age now where she’s got Lily constantly on the go.  It’s a blessing for her as it means she hasn’t really gained that much weight.  Plus, it means she’s just getting on with things, so she’s a lot more active and busy this time, too.”

Have you battled to lose weight after having a baby?