Life After Weight Loss and A Healthy You

Life After Weight Loss

So once you have reached those weight loss goals, what will your life be like? Once you have shed those final pounds, how will life change? It’s not as if you will be a different person, but you might notice a few changes in your world. Here are a few ways that we, at Slimming Solutions have noticed that people who have lost weight have changed.

1. When you lose weight, you feel better about yourself.

  • You have more confidence in the world, when you walk in a room you will know you are looking good. Those old moments of insecurity about the way you look are gone.
  • Now at your optimum weight, you feel healthier and more comfortable in your body.
  • You have increased energy and bring more vibrancy to bring to the world.
  • With your weight loss, you feel sexier and therefore wear more flattering, daring clothes. Get dressed is not just another chore…it is an enjoyable activity.
  • You feel more motivated to do things, to achieve your goals and to have fun. Your new found confidence means more mental space to do the things you want to do without the worry and fear.

2. You notice that HE has noticed.

  • You catch him gazing at you while you are in the shower. Without letting him know, you create a little show. Work it. Getting clean has never been so much fun.
  • He’s suddenly wanting SOME all of the time! And with your improved breathing patterns and increased physical abilities, this just got a lot more interesting.
  • He buys you some nice new underwear, just for the heck of it. Who needs flowers when there are so many pretty knickers out in the world?
  • He whisks you away on a holiday. It turns into not only a site seeing holiday…It is a bit of a naughty adventure for two. This alone is worth all the time and energy the weight loss took. Time away with your man who finds you oh so sexy…it doesn’t get any better!

3. The girls have noticed. Let’s face it; women are not only concerned with how they look for the men. Girls want to look good in front of the other girls as well.

  • You show up at the restaurant, and all your mates immediately notice that you look extra fabulous in that new dress.
  • The girls point you out as an example of pure sexiness.
  • When you get to the bar, your friend asks you which hot man you want to flirt with tonight. You have choice girl!

4. Not only will you be looking and feeling amazing, your body is shouting with delight about your recent weight loss.

  • More energy, get up and go, and oomph!
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Improved mobility (for lots of new experiences)
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Better breathing?
  • Reduced aches and pains
  • More restful sleep (or lack of)
  • Prevention of future illnesses and diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.