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Large waistline ‘increases heart disease risk’

Large waistline 'increases heart disease risk'People with a large waistline are more at risk of developing coronary heart disease, a study has shown, which may provide people with motivation to lose weight.

Researchers from Canada, the Netherlands and the UK studied a group of 21,787 people aged between 45 and 79 living in Norfolk.

They found that 1,295 men and 814 women developed coronary heart disease during the follow up period of up to ten years.

In both sexes, those with a large waist circumference had an increased risk of developing coronary heart disease.

The highest risk, however, was experienced by those with increased waist circumference and increased levels of triglycerides – compounds composed of glycerol bound to three fatty acids.

Earlier in the month, research funded by the Wellcome Trust and the British Heart Foundation suggested that pregnant women who eat a poor diet could increase the risk of their children being born with heart defects.

What are you doing to try to reduce your waistline?