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Lack of sleep ‘prevents weight loss’

Lack of sleep 'prevents weight loss'Those who do not get enough sleep each night may find it more difficult to achieve their weight loss goals, a study has suggested.

Experts from the University of Chicago’s Sleep Research Laboratory studied ten overweight, nonsmoking adults who had an average age of 41 years and body mass index of 27.4.

The study involved the participants eating a calorie-restricted diet for a fortnight, in which they got 8.5 hours of sleep per night, followed by a fortnight in which they got just 5.5 hours of rest each night.

Results of the study show that the participants lost around the same amount of weight during each two-week period. However, during the fortnight of reduced sleep, they lost 55 per cent less fat and lost muscle instead.

Last month, researchers at Northwestern University in the US found that regular aerobic exercise helps insomnia sufferers to sleep while also aiding in weight loss and improving mood.

How much sleep do you get each night?