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Kimberley Wyatt’s diet diary

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The former Pussycat Doll and Got To Dance judge puts her daily diet regime to the test with The British Dietetic Association.


I try to get up and eat by 8am and tend to start my day with two poached eggs on wholewheat toast. I sometimes try to mix it up with some avocado on the side.

I love English breakfast tea but that is more of a treat as I try to limit my caffeine intake during the day.

I work out three to five days a week, usually in the morning, so I always eat beforehand to keep up my energy levels. I absolutely love chia seeds, so if I don’t have time for a proper breakfast I will grab a banana Chia Pod because it is high in fibre.


I try to eat at around 1pm so my energy levels don’t dip. I like to keep lunch light and usually go for something like a grilled chicken salad.

I love having sushi, especially salmon sashimi, or I’ll choose an Itsu hip, humble and healthy salad, which has avocado, green beans, rice, rocket, carrot and edamame beans and a coriander and lime dressing.

I usually just have some water with my meals. Because I am consistently on the go, protein is important in my diet so I like having a Maxitone Sculptress Diet Drink or the Sculptress Diet Bars to help keep my energy levels up.

I also take a beetroot shot, especially if I have been or will be doing a lot of exercise because it is high in nitrates, which help your muscles produce energy more efficiently.

Quinoa Salad (Picture: Alamy)


I try to sit down with my husband in the evening, whether for a homemade meal or at a restaurant.

Generally, I stick with lean meat and fish with vegetables and salad if I’m eating out. At home, I make spaghetti bolognese with turkey mince instead of beef because it’s lower in fat.

When I’m craving something a little bit more indulgent, I like to have quinoa with loads of veg – butternut squash, asparagus and a little olive oil. I only drink alcohol on special occasions but sometimes enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner. Pinot Noir is my favourite.

Cupcakes, doughnuts and mince pies are my weakness. Although I believe in a balanced diet, a girl should enjoy herself and indulge every once in a while.

The nutritionist’s verdict

Emer Delaney, spokeswoman for The British Dietetic Association:

“Kimberly’s diet is pretty good. She starts the day with a great breakfast, which will give her enough energy to get through her busy mornings. Sushi is a good choice for lunch as it provides healthy omega-3 oils but it can be quite low in calories depending on the portion. Adding starchy carbohydrates to her salad will give her more energy on the go. I’m glad to hear she has lots of vegetables and salad with dinner. Adding fruit as a dessert will make sure she gets her five a day.”


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