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Kerry: ‘I’ll hammer it at bootcamp to get back to 8 and a half stone!’

kerry katonaHaving lost 10lbs at a juicing retreat last month, Kerry Katona hit boot camp last week to lose more weight before her TV comeback.

Her week-long stay at a juicing retreat in Turkey two weeks ago, saw her lose 10lbs and, last week, Kerry Katona headed to the GI Jane Bootcamp in Kent to shift another half a stone before she starts filming her new TV show.

Spotted training in a pink crop top, Kerry confidently showed off her newly defined abs after slimming to nearly 9st at the retreat – which involved living on just four mixed fruit/veg juices a day, plus daily training sessions.

A pal says: “She was just under 9st and a size 10 when she came back from Turkey, but is desperate to get back to what she calls ‘fighting weight’ of 8½ stone.  Before she left, she said she would hammer it at the bootcamp sessions.  At the camp, she was up at 6am running three miles, plus working out for seven to eight hours a day.  Now she’s back she’s said she’s thrilled with her new figure and she intends to continue running and will workout to her fitness DVDs.”

Kerry, 32, is planning a TV show called Reborn, where she helps people with various problems sort their lives out.  But she moaned to pals that having £8,500-worth of liposuction and a tummy tuck in April – to try to achieve a size 8-10 shape – was a “waste of time” after she failed to keep to her diet.

The star – who’s mum to Molly, 11, Lilly-Sue, 9, Heidi, 5 and Max 4 – has notoriously fluctuated between sizes 8 and 16, but sources say she is now “determined” to stick to her new fitness drive.  A pal says: “She’d been in a stress about starting the new TV show feeling out of shape.  She was annoyed with herself for piling the weight back on.

“Before the juicing retreat, she was moaning that the pain of surgery had been for nothing because she was back to having a ‘jelly belly.’  She feels flabby and is determined to get back in peak condition because she’ll be advising other people.

“Now she’s been able to lose weight through hard work, she’s kicking herself for resorting to lipo.  Although she says the last two weeks have been ‘pure hell.’’’

Sources reveal Kerry’s been trying to eat healthily and has been having yoghurt and muesli for breakfast, cereal bars as snacks, a chicken salad for lunch and fish and veg for dinner.  She’s also trying to quit smoking.  A pal says: “Some of her mates have told her that she’s mad for trying to give up ciggies at the same time as losing weight, but she thinks it’s the best time to be completely healthy.”

“She loved the juicing system and hopes to incorporate that in the future.  The main problem, though, is socializing – it’s too easy for her to fall of the diet wagon on a boozy night out.”