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Kelly Rowland to turn X Factor into boot camp?

Kelly Rowland to turn X Factor into boot camp?Any X Factor contestants who end up being mentored by Kelly Rowland could find that they are able to get into skinny jeans in no time.

According to the Mirror, the judge is eager to win the competition with one of her acts to prove her worth during her first year on the panel.

This means that she wants them to be professional from the outset and is keen for everyone to be in the best shape possible.

Apparently, Rowland hopes to bring in a strict diet and exercise regime akin to a boot camp so nobody is carrying too much extra weight while they sing in the live shows.

“She wants to keep a close eye on what they’re eating, too, so she will be advising them on nutrition. There won’t be any fast-food snacking in Kelly’s camp,” the source added.

If anyone does struggle with weight loss, however, Rowland might be able to help – she recently told Star magazine she is a new fan of Spanx, so perhaps she could lend some to the singers she takes under her wing.

Do you agree with this approach to getting in shape?