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Kelly Brook explains her motivation to exercise

Kelly Brook explains her motivation to exerciseKelly Brook has explained how she maintains the motivation to take part in exercise – working out with a friend.

The model and actress explained to Women's Fitness that, if she arranges to take part in exercise sessions with a friend, then she is less likely to miss them, as she does not want to let her chums down.

She is currently promoting Reebok's Fit to Flex exercise programme, which aims to improve flexibility by increasing joint mobility and muscle strength.

The 30-year-old also likes to take part in a variety of other forms of physical activity.

"I love walking, swimming, dancing and yoga. I often go to dance classes – I do a lot of salsa," the Daily Mail reports her as telling the magazine.

She went on to say that she tries to exercise three or four times per week and revealed that it makes her feel a lot more positive about things that might usually get her down.

Earlier in the year, ex-Olympic athlete Lord Sebastian Coe wrote in the Telegraph that he exercises harder when he works out with a friend as opposed to on his own, which could interest those trying to lose weight through exercise.

Do you have an exercise buddy?