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Keep blood sugar steady to lose weight, expert says

Keep blood sugar steady to lose weight, expert saysExperiencing spikes and troughs in your blood sugar levels could affect your ability to lose weight, one expert has warned.

Ann Finnemore, owner of hypnotherapy and stress management services company Getting You There, said people experience food cravings when their body's blood glucose suddenly decreases.

This was recently demonstrated in a study at Yale University and the University of Southern California, where scientists found that the brain is less able to resist high-calorie foods when it is deprived of the energy-boosting sugar.

Ms Finnemore pointed out that strict calorie-reduction diets worsen the problem because they result in declines in blood glucose, something that can cause cravings for junk food.

Rather than embarking upon a fad regime, the expert recommended eating small portions of whole grains, fruit and vegetables often.

"For example, eating some protein with the carbohydrates will slow down the release of sugars into the blood. Eating just a few almonds with a piece of fruit will result in a slower release of the sugars," Ms Finnemore added.

This could help your quest for slimming by making you feel less hungry.

Are you guilty of depriving your body of sugar?