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Katie Holmes turns to “deadly” Scientology to shed pounds!

Katie Holmes is supposedly on a Scientology Detoxification Process which has lead her to shed a lot of weight from her already slim figure and left her Body Mass Index firmly in the underweight category.


Scientology is a purification program, known as Clear Body, Clear Mind whose ritual is “Purification Rundown” or “Purif”. The purification program utilises a regime of exercise, saunas and vitamins and minerals to help cleanse the body and is all about the ridding of the body’s harmful toxins, cutting out refined sugar, junk foods and carcinogens that create toxicity.

For best results, five hours of saunas and exercise each day is required. The program is known to be very gruelling and leave you tired and drained as it eats away all body fat. The detoxification process involves long periods of fasting on nothing more than water and juice, heavy doses of niacin, colonics and long heated saunas to purify the body.


Katie Holmes follows a tense workout routine which involves running on the treadmill in a state of the art gym in her shared home with Tom Cruise in Beverley Hills, California. Katie enjoys running around her neighbourhood too, ensuring she keeps herself as low key as possible. Also, she has been seen drinking “Celsuis” which is a drink that contains 10 calories and burns up to 77 calories in a 3-4 hour period. However, it seems like Katie has experienced a side effect of Scientology which is the discoloration of hands. Katie’s hands have reportedly turned purple during this detoxification process which makes her ensure that her hands are well covered up before she even thinks about stepping out in public.


Scientology may seem like it’s a great way to shed a lot of unwanted weight and all you have to worry about is the discoloration of your hands; however there are many serious health risks with it which are:

Ø  Liver Damage.

Ø  Hair Loss.

Ø  Brain Swelling.

Ø  Nausea.

Ø  Fatal heart and Respiratory Failure.

Ø  Peptic Ulcers.

Ø  Skin Rashes.


Although you may only wish to drop a few pounds, you could end up with a much worse condition than body fat using Scientology. So as Katie Holmes body is deteriorating, soon she will have more than her purple hands to worry about!