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Jessica Simpson drops three dress sizes

Jessica Simpson has lost weight and is now able to fit into clothes three sizes smaller than she was previously wearing.

The American singer and reality TV show star hired personal trainer Danny Musico, an ex-professional boxer, to help her shed excess weight, Female First reports.

“She’s getting leaner and told me she went down three dress sizes. She’s pushing herself to new levels,” the magazine quotes Mr Musico as saying.

He explained that she has been doing interval-based workouts that include sprinting, boxing, other cardio and weight training.

Mr Musico’s other celebrity clients include Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber and Jessica’s dad Joe Simpson.

Earlier this month, Joanna Knight, editor at Women’s Fitness magazine, claimed that women should do three or four cardio sessions a week, incorporating interval and weight and resistance training, in order to lose weight quickly before going on holiday.

She also recommended power plate training, explaining that three or four 25-minute sessions a week will “tone you up in no time”.

How many dress sizes would you like to lose?